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Well known modest fashion organisers Moslema in Style have put the event together to inspire a new generation of customers and designers. The organisers have also showcased work in European cities such as London and Istanbul.

The fashion week in Kuala Lumpur is estimated to have over seven thousand visitors attending the event from Malaysia and all over the world. Moslema in Style featured in The Muslim Lifestyle Show that took place in London at the end of April in 2016.

This platform was useful for Moslema in Style and allowed the organisation to raise the awareness of their designs and modest product ranges. This was followed by the worldwide spotlight on Istanbul Modest Fashion Week which took place in May, 2016 where Moslema in Style was also present.

Moslema in Style has been instrumental in planning and helping Kuala Lumpur Modest Fashion Week, 2016 become a reality. The event will showcase a vast variety of designs, colours, styles, accessories and will help pave the way for modest fashion to move towards becoming more appealing for mainstream fashion consumers. Modest fashion and design is already on the rise and is tipped to become a colossal player in the fashion industry within a few years.

Moslema In Style is the major driver of Kuala Lumpur Modest Fashion Week that will be held on 3rd and 4th December 2016. This will be the first event that will introduce the local and international mdoest fashion designers or brands by inviting international media and buyers.



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Kuala Lumpur Modest Fashion Week 2016
3 & 4 December 2016
Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur Modest Fashion Week 2016 (KLMFW2016) is an international event that gathers international fashion designers and industry players and set to become the largest event for Modest Fashion.

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